Always know the why - Simon Sinek

Posted November 11, 2023

Start with Why

13 years ago the then co-CEO's at Binary Tree recommended Start with Why by Simon Sinek. The company was transforming from an IBM Domino consulting shop into a Microsoft Cloud Partner. Huge transformation, think going from Lotus Notes to Office 365. We needed to serve a market rapidly transforming from on-prem into the Cloud. We pivoted the company from onsite IBM consultants into a Cloud Software and mostly remote service model. To succeed, we needed to clearly define and communicate the WHY to our team, it was a sea change for us to move from IBM to Microsoft. Sharing the why was how we all came to own this transformation. Binary Tree was a virtual company, so more open to change than most and already successfully managing multiple teams of technologists working from their homes in multiple states. 

Why? Learn About The Optimism Company Mission and Values - Simon Sinek


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