Going all in - Burn the Boats

Posted November 12, 2023

Sometimes you work better with no Plan B

A good CFO always has a Plan B, always knows a pivot or 2 or 3, always knows how to manage risk. A CEO and investors expect a CFO to be like Felix the Cat. With an always available Magic Bag filled with solutions for any problem that even remotely touches on finances. Bad sales, the CFO can help fix that. Failing manufacturing operations, poor quality, the CFO gets involved. Unmotivated employees? Another call to the CFO. All require insight and input into whatever will move the team towards solutions to optimize the business. And sometimes going all in on plans- especially in startup and early-stage companies- requires a different focus. A risk adverse professional in finance needs to transform into a change maker. Matt Higgins has written a passionate treatise on how he succeeded by going all in. 

You should read this, and we can discuss how to make this process work for you. Or something like it. Amazon.com: Burn the Boats 


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