Kids and Dogs

Posted February 4, 2024

Kids and Dogs- All good!

Kids and Dogs, both are welcome and wanted in the workplace.

At our workplace, children and dogs (well at least one dog at a time- we can get to that later) are welcome. 

It was observed about the comic actor\comedian\writer WC Fields that “anyone who hates children and dogs can’t be all bad.” Pretty funny. But that idea, or something like it, may have inspired workplaces to adopt this attitude. Kids and dogs, forbidden in most.

We flipped this pre-covid. In our workplace, kids and dogs are celebrated. Our team consists mostly of working Moms. And even a couple of Grandmoms. It was imperative that we find a way to support their family needs. A small desk. Billie Student Desk with Open Front Metal Book Box – SchoolOutlet Safe. Right next to Mom. Doing homework, sometimes. Usually self-entertained, on their own devices, playing games or texting friends. 

And our dog, a rescue Pittie mix, bringing her own love to all. On loan from our CEO, when she could be spared from other work. 

Kids and dogs. 

We know this works for kids ages 4-12. They were self-contained and more than happy with working/playing on their own devices. We would also sometimes provide videos in the conference room to keep them busy. Lessons learned from the bring your child to work days from years ago. No drama, no wilding, just waiting for Mom-or Grandmom- to finish work to go home. And doing what they were likely doing at home anyway, heads down on their own device. 

However, one dog at a time was our best experience. Unlike children, who are a bit shy and stick to Mom for comfort, dogs can get a bit aggressive. So just one at a time. 

Be interested to learn if you are doing this too, and feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. 


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