What they don't teach you at CFO school

Posted December 12, 2023

Remember Betty

A while ago I had a job as Comptroller/Administrative at Anchor Glass Container in Cliffwood, NJ. One of the immediate goals was profit improvement, and part of that was the need to downsize the team. 2 heads would need to go, nonnegotiable. The boss gave me 90 days to get this done. Everyone on the team knew this was coming, they had all been working together for years. Their average age was 55. I was not yet 30.

Rushing to get to work, one of the team fell while coming into the building. (Ironically tripping on a safety mat.) Betty fell, and broke both of her elbows. She would be out for 6-8 weeks, while recovering.

Seemed like half my problem was solved. HR pushed for her to be let go and gave me the paperwork to make it happen.

But I held up. It was the easy way. I didn't even know her. She would be out anyway. 

I had time, no need to rush. Despite the push from HR and my new boss. Seemed wrong. Long story short, I kept her. And took my time to ensure the optimal headcount reduction was made. 

3 years later I was looking for another job. And applied for one from a newspaper ad. The office manager of that company saw my resume, and the company I was working for. And called one of her best and oldest friends in the world. Who worked at that company. Betty.

I was hired 2 days later. A much better job. 

The universe has a way of connecting dots we don't foresee; we reap what we sow. Whether we know we are sowing them nor not. 


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