Working the Show

June 22, 2024

CFO's at Trade Shows

Just got back from this big event in Philadelphia, the NAA rocks an industry must event every year, and this year was a blow out! Fantastic supplier show case, great learning and networking. 

Most companies do not invite CFO's to Trade Shows. And most companies perform sub- optimally. Not a coincidence.

Whether you are a newbie CFO, or living under a rock, you should know that going to Trade Shows and Industry events is a must. Seeing the show team in action means you not only get to know them, but also to learn/relearn and rehearse the sales pitch that brings customers to your company. You see and meet real prospects and customers, and better understand the pain points that underlie the company value proposition. If possible, bring part of the accounting, HR, legal teams-too. The more you know, the better. 


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